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Return to the essence of medical treatment

Teachers answer questions and solve questions of students;doctors save patients; cosmetic surgery doctors are a golden keyto rebuildthe life and open the heart of consumers who seek beauty.

Hightechnical level, noble patient-centered medical ethics and rich clinical experience have always been the standards by which the consumers who seek beauty choose doctors. With the vigorous development of cosmetic beauty industry, standardized and professionaldevelopment is imperative.

The Group advocates the idea of “respecting doctors and returningto health”, has created five major clinics, namely, cosmetic surgery, skin beauty, minimally invasive beauty, traditional Chinese medicine beauty, and oral cavity beauty, and formed the “internationaldepartment” consisted of a group of industry giants, such as Zhi Jun, Zhao Xiaozhong, WuWenYun, HongShaoLin, Liu Zhigang andHong Xingfan. All the doctors scrupulously abide by their duties, comply with the principle of people-oriented treatment with benevolent mind and heart, respect life, have got great achievement in their respective fields in the past years, changed many people’s ordinary life with their superb medical skill and made beauty enrich the fate of consumers.

Service Items of the Group

Beautiful appearance system – createstar outline seamlessly

By combining with the unique aesthetic features of faces of Oriental females, the Group makes the delicate facial features outline most suitable for the Oriental females through the customized aesthetic design idea. By means of comprehensive aestheticappreciation, unique operation skills and long-term case accumulation, it has gradually formed a unique aesthetic trend in lady fashion circle. Service items: comprehensive beauty of eyes and nose, face shape and lip beautification

Body micro beauty system – create fine and impressive curve

The Group is able to complete comprehensive body rebuilding management by minimally invasive and seamlesstreatment, set up perfect female body through specific subdivision of chest type beautification management, fat management and S curve shape management, and help to really create rapid, safe, enduring and effective S-shaped body from the first step of aesthetic design.
Service items: fat transplantation, lose weight loss via liposuction, breast beauty via fat abundance, and prosthetic breast implants

Minimally invasive plastic surgery system – reduce age-aging, remove wrinkles, and make face younger

The Group has unique anti-aging management system, which can help to prevent, delay and repair females’ aging in physiology organ functions, facial features and psychological state from the gene level, and customize exclusive anti-aging management solutions for white-collar women, fashion celebrities and elegant ladies.
Service items: anti-wrinkle injection, injection filling, whitening injection, injection for face-lift, injecting for leg sliming and gene anti-aging

Laser skin beauty system-top quality of skin beautyvia laser

Bright, clear, white and smooth baby skin is every woman’s eternal pursuit. For the problems of skin anti-aging, the Group skin beauty management experts provide one-on-one honor service, contribute skin problem solutions through the international top beauty equipment, and perfectly care women’s skin.
Service items: Whitening, skin rejuvenation, spot/red/mole/ scar removal, and unhairing.

Repair and reproductive system - rehabilitation and reconstruction of functions, and improvement and beautification of form

Treatment includes repair and rebuilding. The Group can realize autologous tissue transplantation via surgical method for, or repair the tissue defect or deformity caused by various reasons with variants, heterogeneous tissue or tissue substitutes so as to improve or restore physiological functions and appearance.
Service items: eye repair, scar repair, amazingel, crooked nose correction, external ear reconstruction, nasal reconstruction, breast reconstruction, microphthalmia and protruding ears.


Aesthetic defects

The kind of beauty pursuers are mainly young men and women, who have common appearance by general standards, but want the make self more beautiful, charming and favored. Such operation belong to the pure plastic cosmetic surgery.Usually such group of people have higher requirements for plastic surgery effect.

Aging ease or removal

After the middleage, body organs gradually age, and skin elasticity decrease, and sag, especially in the face, being represented by face skin slack, lateral canthus prolapse and lower eyelid bag and facial wrinkles.The Group canconduct plastic surgery according to the problems of aging, reduce or eliminate the aging appearance, and enable consumers to summon up courage of life, and start a new life.

Appearance malformations

Such abnormalities may simply affect appearance, or also be associated with dysfunctions. appearance malformations influencecommunication and bring huge psychological pressure. In the plastic surgery, not only the function repair, but also theappearance should be taken into account.