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China Life Insurance Joint BeauCare Clinics Exit "two insurance" Insurance

November 26, BeauCare Clinics together with China Life Insurance, Officially launched the "two insurance" medical insurance. This program includes: beauty and health accident insurance、beauty Physician Liability、Medical Beauty Insurance Fund. Covering the full range of medical and cosmetic risk,Ensure the safety of consumers.

BeauCare Clinics founder and chairman of Mr. Li Bin speech

It is understood,the commercial introduction of medical insurance mechanism Beauty,strongly supported by China Plastic Association. This is also my first time to achieve beauty and health insurance business in hand. Several times before,Medicare and Medicaid cooperation between the many beauty. The implementation of the program,in order to promote health and beauty industry will become a key specification. The joint safeguards BeauCare Clinics launched with China Life,safeguard the common interests of consumers, doctors and medical institutions. Its core idea: the risk management and quality of medical care linked. If there are problems,we can guarantee the double benefit of consumers and doctors,provide medical and cosmetic solutions risk from multiple angles.

BeauCare Clinics‘s two insurance payments system,the introduction of a new era of medical cosmetic. Although medical beauty became popular trend,but it itself risks can not be avoided. Therefore, two insurance payments exit, can effectively remind consumers to rational consumption. BeauCare Clinics commitment,everything we do is for the consumers more security and convenience.

General Manager Mr. Muan and assistant general manager of China Life Insurance Beijing Branch Mr. Liu Xiaowei signed

BeauCare Clinics‘s two insurance payments system,the introduction of Medicare insurance claims,in the medical field of beauty is a big leap. Our ultimate goal is to quality and consumer satisfaction with medical clearance.

After the BeauCare Clinics cooperation and China Life,a range of insurance products will operate in the BeauCare Clinics‘s agencies. After the product matures,China Beauty Association will promote the industry.