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BeauCare Clinics won the 2016 Most Investment Value of Top 100

June 21, 2016, "2016 China's most investment value hundred list" was announced. Organizers of the Board China Network, China Data Center, Co-organizers is Hope Share, Worry-free Funds. BeauCare Clinics become the only medical beauty industry companies on the list, BeauCare Clinics came in 36th place.

The BeauCare Clinics made the list, there are three main advantages. first of all, BeauCare Clinics in line with the development trend of health and beauty. Secondly, BeauCare Clinics belonging growth companies. At last, beauCare Clinics investment criteria in line with the capital market. BeauCare Clinics as China's first medical doctor to support the chain of beauty, has been Uphold respected medical doctors regression concept. Within two years of the establishment, BeauCare Clinics brings together leading experts in the country, include: facial anatomy expert Wang Zhijun、laser beauty experts Zhao Xiaozhong、Zhou zhanchao、orthopedic specialists Zhangchen、Wuwenyun and many more. At the same time,BeauCare Clinics opened nearly 30 chain,across Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shenzhen and other places.

In early 2016,BeauCare Clinics obtaining a plurality of investment institutions favor,successful completion of the $ 200 million financing. The main investor is Founder Hopson Investment Co., Ltd、Founder Korean Healthcare Industry Investment Fund. The second investor is Beijing ChinaEquity Maxim Equity Investment Center,Beijing Green Bridge Wang Sheng Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. as a financial adviser. BeauCare Clinics breaking the prejudice public hospitals and private hospitals between,pay attention to system construction,Focus on training medical personnel. Near future,BeauCare Clinics will become synonymous with the doctors.