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The Second BeauCare Clinics Forum: Regression medical nature, Social economic drive

Many medical and cosmetic industry movers class experts and scholars have participated in the meeting

June 17, 2016 - June 20, Beaucare Clinics Doctors Group Initiate Second academic forums and exchanges Held in Beijing, conference on the theme of "respect fort and the doctor, return to health.". Yilin, GUO Shu-zhong, Bi Zhigang, Wang Zhijun, Zhao Xiaozhong, week exhibition Chao, Zhang Chen, Li Zhi, Shi Bing, Li Xueli, Su Shan, Zhao Junying, Zhubao Feng, Zheng Ying Ji Hoon (Korea), Hong Shaolin, etc, As plastic surgery experts and representatives attending. Fang Yi, Yang Ke such as medical management personnel, matricare and other well-known manufacturers also attend. This is a gathering of expert doctors, researchers, doctors and the mainstream news media elites gathering, a total of more than 400 people, It caused a massive hot industry. Unlike conventional academic forum,Beaucare Clinics forum topic is the relationship between the social and economic benefits,this is attracting many experts and scholars attending the reasons. This shows,In return the medical Beaucare Clinics, trace the origin.

In fact,Select to marketing as the core medical,or in health care as the core marketing,this is the essence of the problem. One is the economic cares,in order to be able to sacrifice economic social benefits;another even more fancy social,the social interest to promote economic interests. Reflect the core social:reflected in industry-led doctors,The doctor will be responsible for the entire treatment process and results. In principle, to emphasize:do not exaggerate medical、but medical degree、not false propaganda. Consumer satisfaction is always the most important.

statemen by Beaucare Clinics Chairman Mr. Li Bin

Authorization is the Beaucare Clinics operating characteristics ,for doctors who own businesses,only heartfelt interest,to be able to stimulate continued creativity. And so,Beaucare Clinics No longer do overseer,but let the doctor more fully play to their strengths,better communication and consumer.

Simultaneously, let the doctor leading the crux of the problem. In the course of medical beauty, doctors should strengthen communication and consumers, So that consumers feel at ease more.

Medical industry prosperity complex environment, Beaucare Clinics, became the first to support the doctor's chain, attracting more talented doctors to join. leading a wave of new wave of medical beauty.