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"Rieger Institute • Institute of injectable aesthetic complication" was established in Beijing

April 8, 2016, Beaucare Clinics Doctors Group "Rieger Institute • Institute of injectable aesthetic complications." News Held in Beijing. BeauCare Clinics Total Dean Professor Wang Zhijun、Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Han Xuefeng Plastic Surgery Hospital、Professor Sun Qiuning Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, director of dermatology、Affiliated Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Associate Professor Cui Haiyan, director、Professor Min Yan former Beijing Tongren Hospital eye specialist, director of plastic surgery、First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, MD, director of ophthalmology professor Jie thick,More than the country's top experts Together constitute a team of experts. In conjunction with,Hyaluronic acid、Botox、matricare A number of domestic first-tier suppliers,explore Micro-surgery complications injection solutions. Simultaneously,China Life devaluation "Authentic hyaluronic acid liability insurance",And illegal and improper unknown micro plastic injection was fighting in the end!

Beaucare Clinics Chairman Mr. Li Bin speech

In the medical cosmetic industry,Beaucare Clinics Served as the most social of medical cosmetic brand,In the establishment of the three-year period,It carries more social responsibility. Excellent support internal self-employed doctors,Foreign promoting academic exchange within the industry. just now,Society for micro plastic injection chaos,Beaucare Clinics,Initiated the establishment of "complications of cosmetic injections Rieger Institute at the Institute",All doctors are involved in the country's top experts. The establishment of "complications of cosmetic injections Rieger Institute at Institute," We will achieve the return of medical and cosmetic medical nature.

"Rieger Institute at the Institute of injectable aesthetic complications." established in EyeCare BeauCare Clinic,And the establishment of "special research lab." Rieger Institute at the Institute of injectable aesthetic complications,Combined number of manufacturers,Develop complications of cosmetic injections detailed solutions.

Beaucare Clinics ’s development philosophy is Return medical care, improve quality, strengthen security.

Beaucare Clinics believe,through joint efforts in many medical and cosmetic professionals,enhance the social impression medical cosmetic industry,everyone realized confident, happy, beautiful dream!