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Benevolence inheritance life charm

"The best doctor is bcc brand core value, because only the top medical beauty experts to make customers feel at ease, the only representative of world advanced level of professional plastic hairdressing technology, can bring the best quality effect, so Er bcc spare no effort to integrated domestic and international top expert resources to doctors and customer win-win objective.

  • Dr. Wang Zhijun

    BeiJing BeauCare Clinic


    Breast surgery、Eye Plastic、Corrective surgery

  • Dr. Zhao Xiaozhong

    LaserKing BeauCare Clinic


    Firming、Wrinkles、Scar repair

  • Dr. Zhou Zhanchao

    DrZhou Cosmetic Dermatology Institute


    Laser Beauty、Beauty injections、Skin treatment

  • Dr. Wu Wenyun

    Myoung BeauCare Clinic


    Rhinoplasty、Rhinoplasty failed repair

  • Dr. Zhao Qiong

    Joan BeauCare Clinic


    Facial filling、Whitening、Thira wrinkle

  • Dr. Liu Zhigang

    AID BeauCare Clinic


    Eye repair、Eye Plastic、Facial rejuvenation