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Introductionto bcc Group

BeauCare Clinics Medical Investment Co., Ltd, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Beijing, is one professional international chain group that is engaged in the international high-end medical beautyinvestment and management. The Group, as the doctor group of China’s first specialized platform of medical beauty brand, gathers the resources of theglobal plastic surgery and beauty industry, such as the best experts, technology, equipment, hardware facilities and chain networkbyintegratingthe industry advantage resources. Besides, it aims to promote the private doctors industry in China to reach international standards as early as possible, help the excellent doctors who want to realize self value to achieve their entrepreneurship dreams, provide global ladies with private high-end medical beauty services, including plastic surgery, micro-plastic surgery, skin beauty, anti-aging, ophthalmology, and postpartum rehabilitation.

By 2016, the Group has already opened nearly more than 20 high-end medical beauty organizations in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Dalian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and other major cities.At the same time, it also has set up branch offices in San Francisco, Geneva, Vancouver, Seoul, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Besides, over the next three to five years, it will invest more than 100 chainsall over the world so as to constantly push the globalization of brand.

BeauCare Provides the best doctors

“The best doctor” is the core value of bcc brand. Only the top medical beauty experts can reassure customers and only the professional cosmetic surgery technology representing the world’s advanced level can guarantee the best effect, so the Group spares no effort to integrating the resources of top experts at home and abroad so asto achieve the win-win between customers and doctors.

BeauCare Doctor Group

The Group took the lead in establishing the first doctor group of cosmetic beauty industry in China, namely, “Beau Caredoctor group”, one platform that is dedicated to enable the professional doctors of the industry to exert their talents. Besides, it hopes to eliminate the chaos in medical beauty industry, gradually standardizepractice rules, make every effort to ensure safety, and make contribution to the promoting the academic progress of China’smedical beauty industry.

BeauCare Insurance

China’s first cosmetic doctor group—bcc formally signed contracts with China Life Insuranceon November 26, 2015, and formally introduced into medical insurance into the field of medical beauty for the first time, and enables the majority of people who want to become more beautiful to enjoy more specified and safer medical beauty services. Its medical beauty insurance includes “beauty medical accident insurance”, “beauty medical liability insurance” and “medical beauty insurance fund pool”, as well as the comprehensive medical insurance.Thus, it ensures that consumers and doctors can depend on medical insurance, and sets up the benchmarking of low risk and high reliability of medical cosmetic industry in China!

BeauCare International Brand

bcc,as the medical beauty brand that pioneered characteristic “project segmentation concept” in China, not only has flagship hospitals with “all in one”, but also has image hospitals and standard hospitals with “some classic service in one”, andspecialized clinicswith one in one. Moreover, each agency is equipped with top medical service team and advanced medical equipment, ensuring safe and high level of medical beauty services. Besides, its services cover a wide range: cosmetic beauty, skin beauty, micro plastic surgery, anti-aging and postpartum recovery.

bcc is chain brand established by doctors, andit completely belongs to the doctors – “BeauCare Doctors”.

As is known to all, all of the medical behaviors are executed by doctors; all the dreamsof becoming more beautiful are achieved by doctors. Therefore, in its agency, “Beau Care Doctors” are the leading role forever.

The Group devotes itself to the provide talents platform for top professional doctors of theindustry.Each of the invested doctor is not only the business backbone, but also a shareholder. It is serious in selection of the doctor partners with thefollowing standards:good character andexcellent medical ethics, professional features, cooperation spirit, and the service consciousness. Thus, every clinic with the name is required to have very distinctive technical features, and be strong performer in the industry.

Medical beauty will certainlybe the first industry to enter the era of “private doctor”. The Group pays attention to cooperation between enterprise and doctors, and it also provides doctors with startup capitaland business support (including marketing platform, information management platform, product supply platform, unified procurement platform and personnel training) at the same time.